January 19, 2019

International Blues Challenge showcases the genre's youngest performers, 

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The Musicians of No Solution - Sutton Middle School

April 07, 2018

Playing with Markey Blue at Darwin's Burgers and Blues

Before the break, Markey invited the popular teenage Atlanta blues group No Solution to join them onstage. First, they invited guitarist Max Bittner up to prove his skill with Ric and then Chris Robinson took over on drums. Devon Gates came up to play Dave Abdos” bass, which was nearly as big as she was, and sing. They brought such joy to the stage! Finally, Micah Malone took over the keys and No Solution took over the stage to do a couple of their most crowd-pleasing songs, which included their show-stopping version of “It’s A Man’s World” with Chris and Devon sharing vocals. The crowd loved it all! Then Markey, Ric, and the band came back to take us to the break. As usual, I was exhausted and exhilarated.


After I got my hug from Markey on break, I talked to Devon a little. That was one happy girl! They are so talented and it was so generous of Markey and Ric and the band to share the show with them, and a double treat for the audience.

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So proud of No Solution killing it at Tin Roof.

- Thunder Gypsy

We were in Memphis. Ya'll played Fantastic!!
We were sitting next to people from two other Blues Society's that were Floored by your Set!!

Keep up the Great work!!Please get into the Studio Soon!! I want a CD to listen to.

- Jim Thompson

What a wonderful performance at Brook Run Park today. I kept thinking "What do you mean, No Solution, you are The Solution"

Kudos, guys and girl. I told you you were talented when I heard you at the Dunwoody Arts and Crafts Festival and you continue to prove me right. Will be coming to Atlanta in 2018 to interview all you for my book.

- David Price

November 12, 2016

MAKING A SCEEN - Blues Stotts: A Review -Nov 12, 2016

We took my husband Ken’s sister and brother-in-law to Darwin’s with us for the International Blues Challenge fundraiser to raise money to help our representatives get to the challenge in Memphis at the end o the month. The competitors were playing – Blind Cadillac,, No Solution and Markey Blue –  and everyone was celebrating Darwin’s for winning the Keeping the Blues Alive Award.

The last table at the back turned out to be a pretty good vantage point to observe the scene. Every table was crowded and people were standing three deep along the walls. It was officially the largest crowd I have ever seen at Darwin’s.

Blind Cadillac kicked off the evening and they did an excellent set of  mostly original music, with just one Clapton cover. Then No Solution came on and the crowd really went wild. They absolutely love this young group of 15 and 16 year olds and rightfully so. The female vocalist is an absolute marvel, with a voice and style that belie her years, and the drummer and guitar player also are more skilled than you can imagine. Their version of James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World” brought down the house, as the guitarist and drummer changed places so the drummer could trade verses with the girl.  This group is so good that it is hard to imagine how good they will be in years to come., and their excitement over going to Memphis was contagious.

February 03, 2016

The International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN

We attended the Interntional Blues Challemge this year for the first time and this is my attempt to sort out and write about the happy, exciting chaos that was our experience of the event.

We got to hear and see Tullie, who as exciting and dynamic as always and then went bak to the Blind Racooon showcase to catch Diane Durrett and Soul Suga at the Blind Raccoon showcase with some of the Atlanta contingent. What a lot of fun they are to watch. They sound great and they look great. From there we went to the Youth Showcase and heard our Atlanta group, No Solution, who impressed the crowd, but the kids and the older people, with their talent. I can’t wait until they are old enough to compete for Atlanta in a few years.

The whole experience was exhausting but exciting and fun. The talent of every competitor we heard was astounding. I really hope to do it again next year!

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